We’re looking for volunteers! Engage Puget Sound history in a fun way

Like a lot of organizations, Fort Steilacoom was affected by the pandemic. We lost some volunteers, and we were not open to meet people to replace those volunteers.

In order to continue our programs as before the pandemic – and even better – we’re recruiting for the following:

We’re looking for a tour volunteer coordinator. We offer tours on the first Sunday of the month. We need someone to email volunteers to remind them they’ve signed up, and thank them afterward. This role requires no knowledge of history.

We’re looking for a history story editor. Every year, we assemble six to eight stories about Pacific Northwest history for the newsletter we showed you above. We need someone to chase down leads and help writers decide when they should submit their stories and photos. You don’t have to edit the stories.

We’re looking for a monthly talks coordinator. In past years, we’ve welcomed guest speakers. You can see examples in this YouTube video about the wives of the officer who supervised construction of our buildings. . Or you can see another example in this video that talks about a little-known subject, Slavery in Washington Territory. Are you curious about topics? Do you like books about Pacific Northwest history? We’d love to talk to you.

Think of the roles above as air traffic controllers: One for volunteers, one for stories, one for authors (or other Pacific Northwest speakers). With no aircraft or airports involved! No TSA! You just get to help tell the story of Pacific Northwest history.

Interested? Email us.